This Training Pad Holder is for use with the Training Pads. Instead of placing the pads directly on the floor, place it on the pad holder, which is specially sized for the pad. The elevated surface area provides an extra substrate to further protect floors against stains. It also has a raised perimeter that helps contain leaks. Training pads can easily be placed and locked into position so that they don’t get folded accidentally or dragged away by your playful pooch.

It’s quick, easy and simple to use just unlock the clips, lift up the top portion, position the pad and replace and lock the top portion back in place. The smooth plastic surface can be wiped clean easily. The Training Pad Holder is great for helping to protect your carpet and floor when you are potty training your new puppy.


  • Solid plastic frame with raised edges to help contain spills
  • Helps protect your carpet and floor while potty training a new puppy
  • Smooth plastic surface is easy to wipe clean
  • Pads can be easily placed and locked into position


Medium    – 49*41 cm

Large  –  65*55 cm

Breed Size

Mini Breed, Medium Breed, Maxi Breed, Giant Breed


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