Carbon Technology training pads are 25% thicker and absorb twice the amount of liquid than normal training pads. Each pad has 5 layers, which is designed to keep your floor clean and dry. The top layer is made of our Carbon Technologybthat provides max absorption and removes odour quickly. The middle layers help turn liquid into gel, which holds more fluid than usual training pads. The bottom layers are made with high endurance that prevent the pads from wearing and tearing, keeping the liquid from staining your floor.

Benefits of M-PETS Training Pads
> Quick drying surface to prevent tracking
> Super-absorbent core holds up 3 cups of liquid
> Built-in bamboo charcoal absorbs the scent to keep lasting fresh
> Polymer tech turns urine into gel to prevent spills
> Waterproof PE film add a final barrier to protect floors


Colour: Grey
Size: 45 x 60 cm
Material: Non-woven Fabric, Tissue Paper, Bamboo Charcoal, Polymer Tech, PE Film Plastic
Quantity: 30 pcs

Ideal for housebreaking puppies, assisting aging, ailing and incontinent dogs

Dimensions N/A
Breed Size

Mini Breed, Medium Breed, Maxi Breed, Giant Breed


Puppy, Puppy / Junior


Training Pads


45cm X 60cm

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