There’s a kitten I know who loves the corners of walls that poke out into a room. These are his favorite places to scratch. This was only mildly annoying for his people until they brought him with them to a hotel where she scratched up the wall and caused damage that they had to pay for. Other cats love scratching at beds, couches, door jams, window sills, bookcases… The list is unending for some Fluffballs.


  • Vertical design hangs from doorknob
  • Extra long, sturdy corrugate – reverse and use both sides
  • Place on floor for added scratch and stretch activity

Tips: To Help Attract Your Cat Even More To This Scratcher, Simply Sprinkle Catnip Onto The Scratcher And Your Cat Will Not Be Able To Resist Pay Attention: Do Not Put It Near High Temperature Place, Keep Distance With High Temperature Source (Such As Heater, Stove).

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