Wahl Double Sided Brush is a high-quality imported dog brush that helps to remove dead hair and keep coat healthy. This dog brush detangles and smooths the coat and can be used on most thick coated/double coated dogs. This brush should be used regularly to keep your dog’s coat healthy, and its soft brush gives your lovely pet a fresh bright look. For your convenience the brush also features an ergonomic design with a soft touch grip. This brush is recommended for short, medium, and long coats.


Features and Benefits:

  • All-in-one grooming brush: You need just one. No matter how long or short your pet’s hair is, this pet brush is still able to complete the task of grooming professionally.
  • Benefits: This brush removes unwanted dead fur and loosens tangles. It stimulates skin, allowing natural oils to circulate throughout the coat and also creates bonding time between you and your pet. Brushing the coat makes your dog look and feel better
  • Double sided design: Two in one dog comb brush with pet deshedding glove leaves your dog’s coat looking shiny and lustrous. Working great on short or long-haired dogs and cats of all sizes. This two-sided brush removes loose fur and debris and penetrates your dog’s undercoat to untangle deep knots while stimulating skin for healthy hair growth. Unlike other dog brushes, it will never tear hair or hurt your furry friend!
  • Bristle brush: Soft bristle brush on the other side easily knock off loose hair and dirt. The soft bristles made with firm nylon and rounded pins designed to penetrate deep into the coat and can groom the undercoat well without scratching your pet’s skin! You can use a bristle brush to burnish the coats of short, medium, and long hair pets.
  • Rounded pins: Rounded pins on one side for detangling and loosening dead undercoat. The pins have rounded heads to ensure comfort for your pet and they are somewhat flexible to prevent them from breaking if they get caught in a knot in her fur. This grooming brush is best suited for dogs with curlier coats of hair. Using long strokes ensures that you remove any dead hair and keep your pet looking her best.
  • Breather hole: Choosing soft and round-tip pins enables this brush to groom your pet comfortably and gently. Thanks to the breather hole on this pin side, these pins are flexible enough to fit your pet’s body and curves regardless of long or thick double coats.
  • Soft grip handle: Soft grip for a comfortable hold. The ergonomic handle is formed to fit the shape of your hand for an easier grip. It is easy to grab and hold on to, thus preventing accidents when grooming your pet. The handle has a hole at the bottom of handle which makes you easy to hang this brush when you do not use it.
Breed Size

Cats, Mini Breed, Medium Breed, Maxi Breed, Giant Breed


Puppy, Puppy / Junior, Adult Dog, Adult Cat, Senior Cat


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